Admira and Bosko

dawn broke with a promise written across an empty sky
we said our lost good-byes
huddled close together while the rain fell outside
with a sad long last gasp we turned away from the past
and walked through the rubble saying our prayers aloud
straining to see our future that lay beyond the hills
and I saw the sunlight graze your face
the colours were all changing
I was an alien in this familiar place
the rain began beating us down
the noise overwhelming
my blood running ice-cold freely
your face fixed disbelief
our dream shattered with exploding betrayal
we fell like dusk, our days ending
in the crimson of our blood
in the fiery red glow, we clung on together
for this is how we began and how we shall end
now and forever more

may 26 1993
Victoria, BC

this was written due to an article about
Admira Ismic and Bosko Brokic who
wanted to leave Sarajevo and start a new life
elsewhere. They were promised leave by the
warring parties who frequently pounded
Sarajevo unmercilessly. The young couple
of mixed origin (muslim/orthodox) walked
hand in hand to their freedom but were
murdered in cold blood- no one took
the credit to this tragedy
how this war sickens me

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