On The Road To New Orleans

I tried to play my six string

but she wasn’t singing

the day I pulled into this town

I got so lost in this city

I couldn’t make enough for a coffee

I just couldn’t find my way

well I’ve run out of lady luck

those holes in my pockets

are all that I’ve got

and I’m on the road to New Orleans

´cos I heard about its magic and music

now maybe that is all that I need

well I lost everything

to bad cards and poor whiskey

some things I just couldn’t find

my cash ran out me

my girl left me lonely

things couldn’t get better if they tried

well the cards

they’ve told me

all that they can

and the parish priest

absolved me of my sin

and I’ve played every

dive in this town

but there hasn’t been

a break for me

anywhere around

well I’m standing on the highway

my guitar right beside me

I’m leaving my fortune behind

and I wont look over my shoulder

let this good spirit take over

and I’m heading out for New Orleans

january 2 1995

Horseshoe Lake

Haliburton, Ontario

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