Somehow I ended up over on Korunni

About four or five blocks past Obycejny

It was one of those sultry spring evenings

Apricot blossoms bursting, blue sky screaming

The backed up trams looked like stranded galleons

Their passengers flooding the pavement

Peering and scratching their heads

It’s there I came across her, arms spread out

Across the radiating tenement brick stone

God, I loved how her lamps were lit

I approached her and asked, “Hey, what’s up ahead?”

She smiled and said, “It’s a mystery; why you don’t take a chance…?”

“Don’t you need a ticket for that?” I asked

She said, “Ride with me and I’ll take you for free…”

Belgicka and Zahrebska, 11pm

Leaning back on the old yellow pump,

Lighting up another Djarum Black

Saxophone oozing out of Meduza up the street

Laughter splattering across the cobblestones behind me

Man, nothing ever seems what it really is

Must be this spring thaw thing coming over me

Thinking of quenching my thirst up in the Zanzibar

Maybe there is something waiting for me….

Heading up Orlicka, looking for Hapu

Chestnut curls tumble out of a panting red cab window

“Hey, isn’t it time someone put you to bed…?” she wondered

I looked down at my watch and inquired,

 “Past my curfew already?”

“God, you are so full of questions, aren’t you?

“Just shut up and climb in”

“Uhmm”, I said as I looked around

“I don’t know if this thing can take us far”

She raised a provocative eyebrow and whispered

“Don’t worry about how far the ride is

 Just think of how far you can ride…”

April 26-29 2006

Vinohrady, Czech Republic

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