Precious Jewel

to live and to die

are precious gifts

for our immortal spirits

cast into flesh and bone

for the spectator

a marvel or a separation

lonesome is the journey

of one’s soul

you once beheld

a precious jewel

a brilliant and ever growing

seeming crystal

which fed upon

your ceaseless love

wondrous are the eyes

the staircase to the soul

which glow like a fiery ember


a spirit is alive

stretching its existence

in such a short time

as the ember fades

you hold that

tiny precious jewel in your hands

again like at birth

now close to death

afraid to let it go

you watch it slip

so silently away from you

let it go

for the spirit is a traveller

of both space and time

it knows no dimensions

and is unaware of the constraints

our mortality places upon it

february 2 1992

Victoria, BC

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