Finlayson Point

was it the gurgling surge of the lazy sea

the gulls crying in full flight

or the pastel colours of the craggy shore

that the last glimpses of dying orange lit up

with soft caresses

perhaps it was the look

she left me one of those discontent

but had to go looks,

one she did not want to give

she mumbled something

about the timing being all wrong

that she needed some space

time alone

I don’t know-

I didn’t really hear it all

I was frozen in thought, speechless

music of the shoreline of the dying day

screaming in my ears and so she left

disappearing into the sky

full flight

leaving me stone cold

as the sun died

blood red

the heavens were beautiously alit

and love died

as the sun died

as the music died

as the day died

as the lonely figure turned stone cold

april 1993

Victoria, BC

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