Lost & Gone


Too tired, too tired tonight

To bring this thing back to life

The lights are low

And the hum, it dies

No matter how hard anyone tries

Rainy streets

Full of grey in betweens

Skin goes cold

Amidst these sheets

So alone, too tired tonight

To try to bring this thing back to life

Too many faces

Too many scenes

Too many signs

To know what anything means

Tonight, tonight , tonight

Just too tired tonight

Thought we could make it

Thought we could go dusk to dawn

Thought we were strong enough

But what was is lost and gone

Too weak too take it

The coffee’s gone cold

Too lost to break it

Too far gone to be told

Thought we would ride the wave

Thought we would go on and on

But we can’t seem to shake it

So what we had died long before dawn

We’re lost and gone

We’re lost and gone

Love is lost and gone

August 29th 2003

St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin, Ireland

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