To My Muse

I have had pleasure to see your many guises

in mirth and dazzling charm

I escorted you

I gave to you

I tended you needs

I drew your laughter

I wondered with you

held my breath with you

but many times you just disappeared

unknowing, no warning

where have you gone?

why did you go?

why do I have to wander to rediscover you again?

my Love, what is the ingredient I am missing?

the code I don’t know

the key I don’t posses

the spell I don’t know

that will allow you to stay with me night & day?

though there is joy in your constant reincarnation

I feel unwanted, sometimes used

sometimes wasted, sometimes unloved

can we be as we are together in oneness?

July 16, 2010

Chisinau, Moldova

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