Time To Come


Once there was bounty here

oaks stood tall, the air was fresh

now it is going away

and soon it’ll be gone

soon it all will be gone

she sighs, “what can we do?”


I have a dream

and I am still waiting

waiting for the it’s time

time to come

come before it’s all gone

she tells me how the storks

came to save them once

once in need

today all we see are eagles

circling and circling

the wind blows so many here

but then takes them away

so soon too fast

damn these blue skies and breezes

why don’t they take me with them?

and she sighs “ what can we do?”

no lucky sign

no image will help me now

I need my wish

I need my wish

she holds her arms out

at the canyon edge

wishing up to the blue sky

to take her away…

August 27, 2009

Romania, R 662 to Bucuresti from Iasi

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